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Uhh, I'll write a description later.

So what is procrastination? Basically, procrastination is the act of putting off an essential task until a later time, most of the time non essential tasks are done in lieu of the more critical ones. Although this procrastination definition seems pretty simple, the effects of procrastination are not. Procrastination may be one of the biggest challenges you will have to overcome. When you begin to think about today's society, there is less and less time in the day, so it is very important that we manage our time efficiently and limit procrastination as much as possible.

For some reason, we have an emotional reaction when we have to do something we don't want to do, don't enjoy doing, or are convinced we simply cannot do. Learning to acknowledge this reaction will not only make us aware that we may be procrastinating, but will also help us on our quest to stop procrastinating.

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