• Barbara Kiss' New Addictive Tune "Catch Me"

    Dic 19 2012, 19:12 di musicdish

    With a catchy, addictive tune, Barbara Kiss' "Catch Me" ( ) blends the best of pop rock and alternative and can easily become the next pop hit. The single's simple lyrics complements Kiss' innocent declaration of love. Her soft voice adds to the foot-tapping guitar rifts and is almost reminiscent of an 80s or 90s pop song, inspiring a great deal of nostalgia. The video features Kiss in black and white back-drops and her wardrobe widely varies. The transitions between a snowy outfit and a gothic get-up highlights the bitter sweet dichotomy of teenage love. The highly singable melody and fun video makes this a very enjoyable song.
  • MusicDishTV presents Francis Bowie's "Art Zoo"

    Dic 16 2012, 19:52 di musicdish

    Francis Bowie’s song and video “Art Zoo” ( ) is an up tempo pop rock track that is definitely a song you’ll want to play when you’re in the mood for having a good time. Catchy, cool, and fun, the video begins in black and white, showing a young lady playing with several items with a twist of magic, as well as the lead singer in a vocal performance of the song. The video is played at a fast pace, which is in keeping with the “fun and frolicking” nature of the song. Masks, makeup, wardrobe changes, and all things “different” are the hallmark of the video. The video changes to color about halfway through, but never loses its pace or creativity. It’s all about fun. Do you feel it like I do? I bet you will!!
  • "Working For The USA" By Americana Rocker Steve Cooke

    Dic 5 2012, 23:11 di musicdish

    Steve Cooke's "Working For The USA" ( ) is listed as Americana Rock, but I also hear some southern rock coming hard like the Bruce Springsteen sound. Cooke sings a very inspiring song about the USA and the working class who are the backbone of this great nation. He's a very good singer with a strong a passionate style and a mighty stage presence on this video. Shot in black and white, the video is full of color and life from Cooke and his group. The song is strong, uplifting, empowering, and is one that can touch all the workers of the USA. With a hard driving sound that slows at times to allow a sweet harmony to shine, "Working For The USA" is a song that can't and won't be contained. It's explosive and powerful, and very timely. Cooke really delivers the goods on this one. Both lyrically and musically solid, the song and video are highly inspirational and entertaining, as well as being thought provoking. The video is full of shots of real American people working and the intended connection is very well made. This is very high quality production with outstanding performances from Cooke and his Band. It's an easy sing along song, while its patriotic theme carries a positive message to bring hope, work and happiness back to America's people.
  • infiniteloop Releases New Music Video For Their New Single 'no Place Like Home'

    Ott 9 2012, 22:36 di musicdish

    The Band Infiniteloop Announced Today The Release Of Its New Music Video For “No Place Like Home,” Its Chart-topping Single That Continues To Rise Up The Charts In Several European Countries.
  • Millennium, Pop's Newest Group, Releases 1st Single 'Beach Anthem' Featuring…

    Ott 1 2012, 21:07 di musicdish

    Millennium, one of the newest and most edgy groups to hit the pop music scene, announced the release of their first single 'Beach Anthem' today. It's a suitable title given that the song transports you to a world of sun, surf and sand with its infectious pop melody and cool reggae groove. An added bonus to this feel-good first single is that it features platinum artist Baby Bash, whose distinctive voice has become synonymous with girls, good times and nonstop fun!

    Initially this talented group from Los Angeles had a tough time choosing their debut single from their portfolio of songs which blend catchy hooks, acoustic instrumentation and hip-hop flavor. But with an extended summer season of triple-digit heat and the beach on everyone's mind, 'Beach Anthem' seemed to be the natural choice. According to Sapphire, one of the singers for Millennium, "Beach Anthem is a tribute to beachgoers all around the world, whether on Venice Beach or the coast of Nice!"

    Millennium consists of Stryker, composer, producer and singer for the group, K-King, Sapphire and Adonis- a colorful group of characters on the road to success, beginning with their new single 'Beach Anthem'. The song will soon hit airwaves across the nation and a regional tour is also in the works. Within a few short months, don't be surprised if Beach Anthem becomes the chorus sung over barbeque and bonfire pits across the globe.

    'Beach Anthem' is now available on iTunes and other major retailers. Download it today and keep the summer vibe going!

    Official Website:
    Like them on:
    Follow them at:
    Who Is Millennium?

  • Taste Of Chinese Pop From The Trillion Dollar Greater China Market

    Set 30 2012, 22:12 di musicdish

    CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival proudly presents a highlight of this year's music festival: "Taiwan Music," hosted by a-Peer Music & the Taiwan Ministry of Culture Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development (BAMID), and supported by AsianinNY and MusicDish*China. Kick off CMJ with us and experience these C-Pop bands live, Thursday, October 18 from 8:00pm-10: 30pm (door open at 7:30 pm) at the Union Square Ballroom, 27 Union Square West (between E 15th St and E 16th St) Union Square Park.

    Get ready for a night of fresh sounds from the land of new music rarely explored in the USA... until now! As a wave of creative musicians from around the globe absorb Western hip-hop & alternative rock influences and then elevate the music with their own cultural spin, you are invited to be enthralled by an evening of the best Chinese Pop generating a buzz in the Taiwanese scene. Here is the line-up:

    8:00PM - Chemical Monkeys, a Taiwanese pop rock band consisting of vocalist Zain Jun, guitarist Bryan Chang, bassist Sam Wu and drummer Mayc Tsou. All of the band members also have success in Taiwan's pop music scene as songwriters, producers, and/or recording engineers.

    8:45PM - 831, a Taiwanese alternative rock band formed by five high school classmates in the summer of 2003, best known as the future successor of the top Mandarin Rock band, Mayday. 831 is also sometimes referred to as "the Asian Simple Plan" due to their versatile styles of music ranging from punk rock, pop rock, electronic, metal to hip-hop.

    9:30PM - Da Mouth, a two-time Golden Melody Award-winning Taiwanese hip-hop group consisting of Japanese female vocalist Aisa Senda, Korean-Taiwanese male vocalist Harry Chang, MC 40 and Japanese- Taiwanese aboriginal DJ Chung-Hua. They are considered "the Asian Black Eyed Peas" due to their diversity and widespread popularity in China.

    Email for further information. It is a night you can't miss!

    The Taiwan Ministry of Culture BAMID's most important mission is to inform the public, both in Taiwan and abroad, of the government's policies, regulations, and actions, and to promote development of the mass media. a-Peer Music is an innovative music & technology company provide international marketing & technical services for the music industry.
  • iWantJam Signs Up Pop/Rock Band Brookline Drive As An Endorsed Artist

    Set 15 2012, 16:14 di musicdish

    Live music streaming portal iWantJam announced that it has selected Connecticut pop/rock band Brookline Drive as its third 'iWantJam Endorsed Artists.' The band will join Zurich-based Miss Diamond DJane and Boston's One Step Away as the first group of endorsed artists coinciding with the site's launch on September 30th. As endorsed artists, each acts will be prominently featured on the iWantJam site for a one-month period, including on the homepage, music played exclusively on iWantJam music player as well as exposure through iWantJam social network profiles and connections.

    "Considering how talented these vocalists are and the level of acts they've shared the stage with, this is exactly the type of band iWantJam is looking to work with," said iWantJam founder Moataz El-Gohary. "Their accomplishments reflects how important it is for them to connect with their fans through live shows, which is they fit so well with our mission."

    After only one year of being a band, Connecticut's Brookline Drive is already building a considerable buzz, and selling out headlining shows across New England as one of the best up and coming pop/rock bands around. The band's explosive lineup features four talented vocalists whose vocal interplay and harmonies are unlike anything out there today. Drawing influences from all over the musical spectrum, Brookline Drive's four talented multi-instrumentalists have created a unique, catchy sound that makes for an incredibly exciting live show. Brookline Drive has recently shared the stage with National Acts like Hot Chelle Rae (RCA), Cobra Starship (Decaydance, Fueled By Ramen), Neon Trees (Mercury), Megan & Liz, Marina and the Diamonds (Neon Gold Records) and Forever the Sickest Kids (Fearless Records).

    iWantJam is a brand new type of music site that aims to connect musicians and fans worldwide through live shows, video streaming and social media. Nothing can replace the feeling of a live show, and iWantJam's powerful & easy-to-use platform will bring your favorite band right into your bedroom for free. Artists will be able to connect with their fans on a much deeper level than just a profile page and music button, thus offering far more than a promotional device, but a unique experiential connection. Come and join the online live music experience of iWantJam!
  • Pirate Brands Collaborates With Clint Perry And The Boo Hoo Crew For Pirate Week

    Set 12 2012, 17:27 di musicdish

    San Diego based children's group Clint Perry and the Boo Hoo Crew are getting riled up for a six day event taking place this September 17th-22th, which they've deemed "Pirate Week" in celebration of their new release "Shake Your Pirate Booty". The concerts will be 7 shows in 6 days, taking place in 7 different San Diego venues, and will celebrate the Crew's sophomore release, set to drop September 17th.

    Pirate Brands, makers of the ever-popular snack treat "Pirate's Booty" is sponsoring the release, giving away 1000 .5oz bags of their delicious and wholesome snacks at the concerts throughout the week.

    "It means a step up, or even two, in the music quality put out by us on the second release." said Clint Perry, after being asked what the release meant to him. "I am very proud and excited for this disc to be released." Their producer, veteran, James Coffey said this,"I've produced dozens of projectsover 15 years and honestly this is going to be one of the best...we've made something amazing!"

    The sponsorship they acquired from Pirate Brands stems from their biggest hit, "Pirate Booty", which is referred to as the ‘crowd favorite' by Clint, and anyone that hears it. However, Clint Perry is sure that the rest of the album will be just as successful: "[...] regardless of [Pirate Booty] the whole album came together to equal it. We've got a holiday song, a story song about a Pirate King, even a song about getting sea sick, in Landlubber."

    The release party will include six concerts by the band and as always, there is assured be many laughs and many smiles.

    Sea Life, AZ is also getting in on Pirate Week. They'll be featuring "Shake Your Pirate Booty" all week at their location, even playing the video for "Everybody's Pirates" at their special facebook fans only Pirate Party on September 21st and giving out Pirate's Booty and "Shake Your Pirate Booty" to all the attendees.

    Critically, they have received many positive reviews:

    "Oh my gosh, this CD had me smiling from the first chorus on the first song Pirate Booty!! I LOVE this CD!!! It's fun! It's funny!! It's sing-a-long-able! Kids and adults will get a great kick out Clint Perry and the Boo Hoo crew's Shake your Pirate Booty CD!!"
    Connie Guring

    SHAKE YOUR PIRATE BOOTY is a rollicking shipload of fun for seafarers and landlubbers alike!"
    James Zahn, The Rock Father

    "Listed as "A Few of Our Favorite Things" by Mom's Guide To San Diego."
    Jennifer Humora - Mom's Guide To San Diego

    "This silly band and storytelling troupe brings out the giggles in everyone with its songs and whimsical tales. The San Diego-based quartet is comprised of musicians who are all parents, plus a gifted writer with a penchant for clever songwriting."
    The New Children's Museum -

    Clint Perry and the Boo Hoo Crew will also be playing a pre-release party with San Diego's newest attraction, Pirate Ship Adventures, on September 8th. On September 17th, the EP will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Music and various local record stores in the San Diego area.

    Contact Info:
    Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew
    1902 Wright Place, Suite 200
    Carlsbad, Ca 92008

  • Reverse Order Receives Grammy Nomination

    Set 7 2012, 21:01 di musicdish

    First there was the buzz about their music video,“Sing For Me Baby” when it received more than a half million views in just a few days on YouTube, then their live appearance on NBC’s America’s Got Talent and now, their Grammy nomination for their single, “GO”.

    “Go” is dynamic, sarcastic, fun and full of energy. It is nominated for the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. It is given for quality songs where singers and rappers collaborate. It just happens that the singer is John Russo and the rap is done by his brother Cruise Russo. The brothers are honored to receive the nomination that great artists like Justin Timberlake, Linkin Park and Usher have won.

    The song comes from their newly released album, “Right Now”. “Right Now” is filled with catchy hooks and infectious melodies. Each song has its own uniqueness, while still coming together to give you a solid album you want to turn up and blast on volume 11.

    Adding to Reverse Order’s line up is Andrew Katsock and Frank Spangler. Reverse Order may come from a small town in New Jersey but they’ve got a big sound and big dreams. Their music is available on iTunes and at where you can also keep up with them to find out what’s next for this dynamic young group.

  • Renelle Roxy Releases Debut EP On Label Two Recordings

    Set 2 2012, 21:17 di musicdish

    Sunshine, good vibes and uplifting music are southern California staples, and Renelle Roxy, hailing from San Diego, delivers them in spades. From the sultry, 60's R&B inspired, "Waves," to the lighthearted summertime jam, "Somewhere,"Renelle Roxy makes creative use of her ukulele and her dynamic vocal quality. She will draw you in with her sweet sundrenched music and keep you there with her expertly executed belly-dancing!

    "These songs were written on the beach," Roxy says of her writing process. "I was very considerate of the lyrics and rhythms to steer the final product. Collaboration in the studio and experimenting on different sounds allowed that to finalize perfectly."

    Roxy worked with producer Nathan Rupp to build a collection of songs that highlight her ability to write in many different styles while maintaining a sound that is decidedly her own.

    "The raw songs came in as ukulele and vocals, the arrangements grew organically and before we knew it, we'd have a good groove and something that felt very solid," Rupp reflects on working with Roxy in the studio.

    An east coast transplant, Roxy has been actively involved in music and dance since she was a young girl. She is an accomplished belly-dancer and incorporates both the freedom of expression and discipline inherent in dance, into her musical endeavors.

    The self-titled Renelle Roxy EP is available on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and every digital music retailer.