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A group for the general advertisement and discussion of music and art publication, Notes.

Notes magazine began in late 2007 as a hobby for two folks who realised that degrees in design subjects are useless. With artistic and musical interests, they set about promoting the smaller bands they know and love in a way they could - via art!

Notes magazine is a real physical product you can hold in your hands, which is constructed from the ideas and music of four different bands per issue. It is pocket-sized and comes with a 3" CD of the 4 bands in question.

You won't find many words in Notes, mostly pretty pictures and the basic information about each band. Consider it a music magazine for people who can form their own opinions - if you like what you hear, look the band up with the information provided... If they're not your cup of tea then there's always three other tracks to hear!

You can buy your own copy of the magazine from:

...and join our facebook group and/or fan page here for news updates and information:

...also, does anyone still use myspace?

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