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This is an open group for musicians of all kind, for promoting and listening to music, as the group's name says: you post a song and comment another.


Hi ya'll,

I thought this could be an interesting way to promote everyone's music here on, since most of us are always busy trying to promote our songs and searching for listeners, but we might sometimes lack on listening and commenting other's music.

So here's the deal...Each one comments the song before and then posts one song of his/her own, then the following member posting has to comment the song above and then post another song, and so on.

So, what do you think?

Post and Comment songs on the right thread below (access by clicking here), not on the message board (shout-box)...use that one for introducing yourself and saying hi to the rest of the members.

Lele Melo

Important: Please, read first the basic rules on the thread.

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