What's your favourite album by Paul?

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    • Apr 21 2007, 17:24

    What's your favourite album by Paul?

    What's your favourite Paul/Wings album?

    EDIT: Results so far are:

    Ram (4 votes)
    Chaos & Creation (2)
    McCartney (1)
    Red Rose Speedway(1)
    At the Speed of Sound (1)
    Back to the Egg (2)
    Flaming Pie (1)
    Electric Arguments (1)

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    Hey, RAM is amazing :) Look up at my profle - I listen it soo much time :) I love RAM and I think RAM's better than SGT. Pepper or Plastic Ono Band. I love Beatles and John, Ringo, George, but... Wings album's is better :)

    Sorry, my broken-english :> :P

  • My favourite McCartney-album, very difficult to say. He wrote (and sang/sings) so many great songs. Ram was the first Paul-LP I ever bought (afterwards I bought every Beatle, McCartney and Wings album), Back to the egg was very special, Flowers in the dirt has great songs, Chaos and creation ...
    No, I really can't make a choice. I love all his albums ...

  • I can.

    RAM for me as well. I enjoy it more than many of the Beatle albums, and it was released on my birthday....so that's good.

    • imacgirl ha detto...
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    • Apr 28 2007, 0:15
    I agree with ronyrenders. Very difficult to pick just one. I've widdled it down to three. In no particular order:

    Chaos and Creation In the Backyard

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    • Mag 1 2007, 10:51
    I like Flaming Pie. It are beautiful songs and I like the song Used to be Bad where he's jamming with Steve Miller, which I'm also fan of

  • I heard "too many people" from "Ram" and it really got me interested in paul's solo works.So Ram is an unique album for me..

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    • Mag 25 2007, 19:23
    Wings At The Speed Of Sound

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    • Ott 31 2007, 11:57
    its impossible to choose really, but if i am to pick one, it will be Red Rose Speedway.

  • probably Chaos In Creation or Band On the Run (wings)

  • Back to the egg

    Life is a long lesson in humility
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    • Nov 7 2009, 18:12

  • definitely back to the egg

  • Fireman

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    • Apr 3 2010, 8:35
    Band on the run

  • Hello.... RAM !!!

  • Flaming Pie, I suppose...

  • Band On The Run! :-) Most of them are fantastic, though. Cheers.

  • Best Album

    Top of the pile as got to be Band On The Run !!

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    • Nov 28 2010, 22:33
    tough to choose between McCartney, Ram and Band on the Run ... Band on the Run is probably the most consistent so put me down for that one ...

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    • Dic 3 2010, 10:02

  • RAM

  • i love them all but my favorites are RAM , Band on the Run, Memories Almost Full and Flaming Pie :D

  • I love Band on the Run ♥
    Nineteen Hundred Eighty Five is the most under appreciated song of his. It's so amazing :3

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