what is it that makes you tick about ls?

  • what is it that makes you tick about ls?

    for real, what is it that makes you dig this band, or makes you 'tick' (in a good way) about them?

    i'll start, i guess. for starters, i really love bruce's vocals (therefore you can say that i dig their later works), and then lance is just brutal at his kit!, and especially after they added the percussion to their set it makes it even more awesome.. i love their lyrics - Christian and deep. bruce is great, don'cha think?

  • hard to say... I just love them:P I like the lyrics, their rhythmical stuff, their guitarr riff, the vocals.. yeah, you can say that I just like the sound. =D
    But I like their later works more then their first cds..

  • Hard to explain but just love their sound no one else sounds like them. Bruce's vocals the guitar work, rhythm of the drums everything is amazing. All of their albums starting with reborn i love. The earlier stuff i don't care for. Favorite albums are The Hammering Process and Conceived in Fire.

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