Scrobbles from mp3/mp4 players?

    • staryent ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Giu 5 2008, 16:39

    Scrobbles from mp3/mp4 players?

    Hi, I have a question to You ;). Is it a program to other players than iPod to scrobble music from them? If my mp4 player has ID3 Tags handling, can I scrobble tracks from it?

    I know that my English sux, but please, answer me ;).


    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Lug 21 2008, 5:56
    Actually, the key to scrobbling is the presence of a playlist showing tracks which you've played recently, not ID3 tags support.

    • Sharkuu ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Set 2 2009, 19:57
    I also have this problem, I have the Sony NWZ - X1050, please help :(

    • xSimfeRx ha detto...
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    • Nov 14 2009, 8:18
    No.only iPod!!

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