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  • LSC - Connected artist's

    Your Guide to the Most Successful Songs in the LSC!

    Please remember all genres of music are welcome!

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  • Felix Meyer - Noch fruher mal

    LSC01 - 1st Place - 66 points

  • D E N A - Games

    LSC01 - Second Place - 65 points

    D E N A (born Denitza Todorova) is Berlin-based pop songwriter and vocalist. She stepped into focus as a guest vocalist on the two The Whitest Boy Alive albums

  • Radical face - Welcome Home

    LSC01 - Third Place - 63 points

    Radical Face is a musical act consisting of Ben Cooper (born c. 1982), a resident of Jacksonville, Florida,

  • Listener - Wooden Heart.

    LSC02 - 1st place - 86 points

    Listener are dan and chris, they have been making music for 5 years!

  • Love - A House is not a Motel

    LSC02 - Second place - 76 points

    American psychedelic rock group formed in Los Angeles in 1965. They were led by singer, songwriter and guitarist Arthur Lee (March 7, 1945 - August 3, 2006) and the group’s second songwriter, guitarist Bryan Maclean

  • Tina Dico - Sacre Coeur.

    LSC02 - Third Place - 55 points

    Tina Dico (born as Tina Dickow on October 14, 1977 in Aarhus, Denmark) is a singer and songwriter, inspired by artists such as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Who isnt?

  • Airborne toxic event - Sometime around midnight

    LSC03 - First Place - 67 points

    The Airborne Toxic Event is an alternative rock band that formed in Los Angeles, California, United States in 2006
    They are available for gypsy weddings all year round!

  • Gus Gus - Over

    LSC03 - Second Place - 48 points

    Gus Gus, Iceland’s leading techno-/soul band saw the light of day for the first time in 1995, during a break in the making of the shortcut “Pleasure”. Initially GusGus was as a multimedia collective that combined sexually tinged dance music with visual arts and shorts made by the group’s members. Fancy That!

  • Fast Eddie - Dollhouse

    LSC03 - Third Place - 46 points

  • Ernest Ellis - Loveless

    LSC04 - First Place - 38 points

    Ernest Ellis draws a lot of inspiration from the beat poet who took the famous pancake tour of America, Jack Kerouac.
    That sense of exploration and adventure, and the waywardness of the characters permeates its way through both his music and lyricism.

  • Azealia Banks - 212

    LSC04 - Second Place - 33 points

    Azealia Banks is a 20-year-old lyricist from Harlem, New York City.
    Since her first steps as a child in off-broadway theatre productions to her training at La Guardia High School of Performing Arts
    -a breeding ground for stars- she’s been steadily perfecting her craft and making a name for herself.

    N.B She needs to wash her mouth with a bar of soap, says my mother lol

  • Schoolyard Heroes - The Last Man on Earth

    LSC04 - Third Place - 32 points

    Sometimes, fierce entities come in unexpected packages.
    Right out of high school, Seattle, Washington’s Schoolyard Heroes -
    brash dealers of angular riffs with thematic bents that’d make Issac Asimov proud, good for them!

  • Kai Schumacher - Killing in the name

    LSC05 - First Place - 72 points

    He had his first piano lessons at five, his first public appearance was at seven,
    And im guessing hes german?

  • Erlend Oye - Fine day

    LSC05 - Second place - 67 points

    Erlend Øye is a Norwegian musician from Bergen, Norway best known for being part of the pop duo Kings of Convenience together with Eirik Glambek Bøe. He has released one solo album, Unrest in 2003 and a mix CD in the DJ-Kicks series in 2004. Furthermore he has released his second album of the band The Whitest Boy Alive.

  • The Corrs - Little Wing

    LSC05 - Third Place - 64 points

    The Corrs are a folk pop band from Dundalk, Ireland, consisting of three sisters and one brother from the Corr family, who rose to prominence in the late 1990s and have since sold more than 55 million albums worldwide.

  • Anathema - Dreaming Light

    LSC06 - First Place - 75 points

    Anathema is a band from Liverpool, Merseyside, England primarily known as one of the pioneering and leading death doom metal acts, incorporating growling, poetic lyrics and complex arrangements into the traditional doom riffage. Later in their career, beginning with “Eternity”, they moved away from this sound into more melodic, atmospheric rock.

  • Julie Fowlis - The Thatcher/Peter Byrne's/The Soup Dragon/Mo Chuachag 's Laghach Thu

    LSC06 - Second Place - 54 points

    Mark Radcliffe hailed her voice and songs as “enchanting, beguiling and as fascinating as songs by Kate Bush and Björk” and KT Tunstall described her voice as “formidable and amazingly rhythmic”. The elfin figure they are describing is Julie Fowlis, a talented singer and instrumentalist from Scotland.

  • Agnes Obel - Riverside

    LSC06 - Third Place - 49 points

    Agnes Obel was born Agnes Caroline Thaarup Obel in 1981. Living in Copenhagen, and coming from a musician family, Agnes Obel learned piano at a very young age. Her mother used to play Bartók and Chopin at the piano. During her childhood, Agnes Obel found inspiration in Jan Johansson’s work.

  • Sólstafir - Fjara

    LSC07 - First Place - 65 points

    Sólstafir is a metal band from Reykjavík, Iceland which formed in 1995 and currently has four full length releases. The band’s unique style has made it hard to categorize Sólstafir into a specific genre or group of genres.

  • Rammstein - Ohne Dich

    LSC07 - Second Place - 63 points

    Rammstein is a German metal band which was formed in 1994, in Berlin, The band is widely accepted as part of the Neue Deutsche Härte scene, alongside bands such as Oomph!, Laibach, and Die Krupps. Their songs are performed almost exclusively in German.

  • Manau - La tribu de Dana

    LSC07 - Third Place 55 points

    Manau is a hip hop group formed in 1998, known for their fusing of traditional Celtic melodies with modern rap beats. It was initially composed of Martial Tricoche, Cédric Soubiron, and R.V. (Hervé) Lardic until R.V.’s departure and replacement by Gregor Gandon.

  • We Are Augustines - Chapel Song

    LSC08 - First Place - 90 points

    We Are Augustines is an American indie rock group based in Brooklyn, New York and consisting of guitarist Billy McCarthy, bassist Eric Sanderson and drummer Rob Allen. Their album ‘Rise Ye Sunken Ships’ was released in 2011.

  • Yoshida Brothers - Storm

    LSC08 - Second Place - 83 points

    The Yoshida Brothers [aka吉田兄弟] were born and raised in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido. Each picked up the shamisen at the tender age of five and began studying Tsugaru shamisen under Takashi Sasaki I in 1990. After sweeping prizes at national Tsugaru shamisen conventions, the brothers made their major debut in 1999. The debut album sold over 100,000 copies, an extraordinary figure for a traditional folk music release.

  • Jay Munly - Amen Corner

    LSC08 - Third Place 80 points

    Jay Munly (also credited as Munly and Munly Munly) is a banjo player, guitarist, singer, and songwriter based in Denver, Colorado. He has played a role in the development of the “Denver Sound”, music that mixes elements of country, Gothic, and gospel.

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