What's your best Ladytron Song?????

    • starspit ha detto...
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    • Nov 23 2009, 6:13
    "Black Plastic" has to be my favorite, followed by "Seventeen", "Destroy everything you touch" and "High rise". :-)

    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Dic 11 2009, 14:46
    The best songs are: Ghosts, Runaway and I'm With the Pilots

  • my best

    Seventeen Σd(ゝ∀・)!!

    • rayo1318 ha detto...
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    • Dic 15 2009, 3:31
    light and magic, another breakfast with you, ghosts

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    • kosta024 ha detto...
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    • Mag 2 2010, 18:46
    Startup Chime

  • Very hard to pick one. At the moment (being my mood with life, my choices, (my 'Eros & Eschaton' side). It would have to be either 'All the Way' or 'High Rise'. Argh, to be honest I can't pick a fav.... 'International Dateline' is amazing to.
    This album is there best, it tells a story. However, I can understand why people like others.

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    • luckyjj ha detto...
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    • Mag 5 2010, 20:34
    Ladytron is all my all favorite band of all time!!!! My favorite song is Black Cat,, Whenever I hear it I ALWAYS feel better! THANKS LADYTRON!!!!!

  • Depends on my mood. This is the hardest question and especially with Ladytron.

    Witching Hour favs: High Rise, for me, will always be better than Destroy Everything you Touch. If I were to play em for a new listener, I'd play that. That's my "official" answer. To me that song exemplifies their rock synth sound. No other song's music is as driven and attacking, and the vocals are both haunting and chilling to a slightly higher level than other songs. A Contradictory song.
    Chilled out songs: All the Way, Beauty*2

    Velocifero: I'm Not Scared, Predict the Day, Versus

    Live at Astoria: True Mathematics is amped up and on steroids on the live album.

    Also, I'd say that Fighting up in Built Areas is Miratron's best one. Black Cat has the best intro though. I'd give it to that if the vocals weren't so repetitive.

    It's all freakin' good stuff. Impossible for me to only mention one.... Obviously, I favor the latest 2 albums.

    What I thought I'd do was, I'd pretend to be one of those deaf mutes...
  • Soft Power
    International Dateline
    I'm Not Scared
    High Rise
    The Way That I Found You
    Last One Standing

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