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  • Similar bands

    If u know similar bands to Kronos tell us and write some about the band

    Ill Start :D :
    A (satanic) death metal from finland, they are quite techical and fast. the vocals are not strong as in kronos but riffs are very catchy and enjoyable.

    ..from poland, and one of the best polish death metal bands. Trust me, listen to "Diabolic Impious Evil" album and u will die by heart attack LOL. Mindblowing brutal-techincal death metal sometimes with Blackened influences. The third assault of the most extreme Polish TRUE Death Metal force. Honest and brutal manifesto of sonic wildness and unbelievable power. Brutal and sinister guitar riffs sets the pace for the double bass blasting intensity chaos by Inferno from Behemoth fame himself! The essence of Satanic Death Metal. Listen or die!!! Highly recommended to all fans of Death Metal'

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  • Thanks, will check them out.

  • I'd like to recommend something, too, if you don't mind.
    The band is called Anata, don't know, if you've heard of them. They're from Sweden and play quite technical death metal, with a melodic touch. To me, the melodies are a great enrichment to their music. You've got to check them out, though they are not THAT similiar to Kronos.

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  • yay, Anata is great, i like them...I prefer their first album "The Infernal Depths Of Hatred", very good album \m/

    Dear mankind, I'm sick of you all!
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  • Quo Vadis - Live in Montreal (xou can also check their studio stuff but i really prefer this live Cd...)

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