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Data creazione: 12 Lug 2009
Group forJonne Järvelä, the best vocalist of the most awesome folk metal band Korpiklaani.

" Korpiklaani get started after many curves. I founded my first band with my friends in Vesilahti in 1988. Vesilahti is a little village in southern part of Finland. I moved from Vesilahti up to northern part of Finland, Lapland in 1993 and at the same time I got bored with metal music for a while. I sold my electric guitars and amps and I bought a good acoustic guitar. Folk music filled the hole which metal left in my life. I started to play acoustic music and I did it for about five years. Then little by little I became interested in metal music again and I wanted to put both musical worlds together. That happened in 1998, and in 1999 came the first Shaman album Idja. The first Korpiklaani album was going to come out as the third Shaman album but we decided to change the name during the recordings of Spirit Of The Forest. That’s how it came out as the first Korpiklaani album and this band was born."

-Jonne Järvelä

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