Does anyone make any music here?

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    • Ago 1 2004, 7:36

    Does anyone make any music here?

    Anyone else in here create any music, in any form at all..

    I've been , i think the best way of saying it is messing with sound for the last 3 1/2 years. So far I've come up with the following rough sounds.



    Power Electronics

    General experimental weird stuff

    If you do, have you got any strange ways you create your music?


    Any tips on making intresting sounds and so on?

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    • Ago 5 2004, 23:48
    I've done alot of farting around. I play guitar, bass, and synth over the past few years, off and on again with others. I'm really big into noise and expermintal stuff now (toys and such).

    My noise works range anywhere from feedback/static to sending raw data to the output of my soundcard.

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    • Ago 6 2004, 1:28
    I write music. I guess it's sort of just industrial without fitting into one single subgenre like Noise or EBM. I usually use Fruityloops and Acid and I mess around with Einsturzende Neubauten-type stuff. For the EN-type stuff right now I'm using a pencil sharpener, metal tubes, a hanger, a ping-pong ball, a dismantled light and stuff like that.

    I find that I get good results when I spend my time coming up with the sounds I want to use first, then figuring out how I want to arrange them, what notes I want to play, etc.

    Although I think anytime you change your writing process you'd be surprised how much it changes the music.

    I also find you can come up with interesting sounds by recording something you might hear in an EN song then putting it into fruityloops and messing with the knobs and effects alot.

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    • Ago 12 2004, 2:14
    I do electronic music of most kind. I also got one pure Dark Ambient track, it's not online at the moment, but I'm gonna put it online again soon if youre interested in listening to it...
    Especially for the Ambient stuff, I can recommend the VST plugin 'Spectrasonics Atmosphere'... It's quite expensive but absolutely worth its money, together with Fruity Loops it's very easy to create atmospheric layers.
    For all other sounds I like the maximum distortion :) ... so I put something in the sampler and filter, cut, distort, gate, mix and so on until the sound got not much in common with the original sample. Sometimes the results are interesting, sometimes I need days to make a useful sound, so it's all about the lucky shot :)

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    • Ago 13 2004, 0:53
    I'd love to hear other peoples music. I really don't have much up at the moment, yet when I get any descent place to put up some of my music. I'll throw a link in here..

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    • Ago 13 2004, 3:50
    I've got a link at my profile page, but you've gotta sign up (it's free).

  • I wrote the lyrics to both versions of Twisted my friend made. Never done any actual making of music though... I hear it's prohibitively expensive to make electronic music, especially when you get addicted to buying new gear.

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    • Ago 24 2004, 23:49


    I got a place up..

    Only just started putting up some songs. So.. Give it alil time.

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    • Ott 2 2004, 10:43
    i do make music, don't know if you could say that i use any "strange ways" to create it. not nowadays, anyway.

    i use, mainly, adobe audition, for the dark ambient stuff, and flstudio for more, well, beat-orinted stuff. though i usualy use audition to hack, slash, twist, turn and reshape the sounds i use in fl as well.

    back in the days before computers i've used a radio studio, reel tape recorders, turntables, radio cassette player and common/uncommon goods.

    [edit] forgot to mention that there's some downloads at both recent and antique stuff.

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    • Nov 16 2004, 22:44
    I do. I'm actually working on a follow up to my last cdr which was independently released in 2000. Noisy IDM-ish stuff somewhat reminiscent of early Gridlock or a heavier/noisier Autechre I suppose.

    Last show I played was opening for Mlada Fronta and Mimetic when they came through Canada last May. My site's been out of commission for about a year or so, so I don't have any MP3's to point people to.

    There ARE some real media streaming tracks on newmusiccanada,com (band name Coded) but the quality is crap and the bio is old and worse than crap. Feel free to listen and ridicule.

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    • Nov 30 2004, 12:23

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  • Hello
    My name is Mike and glad to be on a forum with people who have such harsh/hard good music tastes!

    I am also the original founder of the two-piece projekt Meisterpiss

    It is pure IDM/Noize butchery and will hopefully in places make your ears weep

    Use mainly Fruity Loops,Acid Pro, Acid Studio,Goldwave and Sacahara to produce my monged soundscapes!

    PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK by way of PM or on the soundclick message board i will post any reviews on line as well!

  • my boyfriend is in an Industrial band who's about to release their second album - very good. their band is RU-486 but he also has an upcoming abient project (1 album is complete and the second is half done, we're about to begin promoting it). and soon he will also have a downtempo/trip-hop album coming out in which i sing vocals/write lyrics. once those are both available i'll be sure to update you all if you're interested :)

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  • RU-486 are very good indeed did a great track with my friend Ghoul Detail that i enjoyed....Point your Boyfriend over the Meisterpiss id be interesred in working together on something...

    Take it easy


    I don't have any decent music making programmes, so they are short loops. It's not as abraisive as I would like it to be. (I wish to make work like Blue Ponys).

    How do I emo up in here ?
  • I make industrial/noise/grind...or I don't know how to describe it. I'll make a website when I've got some tunes that I'm satisfied with.
    Then I also have a shitty fastcore/grind band but that has nothing with industrial sounds to do so fuck it.. but if anyone´s interested, check out

  • Aire'n Terre

    I have been tweaking knobs and pressing keys since 1997 when I formed an EBM/Industrial/Synth band with a former schoolmate.
    He moved to NYC right after this, while I stayed in Brazil. Since 1998 we've been composing, recording and releasing our stuff throughout the cyberspace... everything is conducted over the internet.

    Three years ago a talented girl from Madrid joined in and became our link in Europe.

    To check our stuff:


    "Dare to Fight, Dare to Win."
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  • i was pretty young when i made it, so it doesn't make much sense at all
    but check it out if you want

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  • I make music using Wavelab and Acid Pro, all loops and samples but it sounds OK. It is amazing how you can nick bits from classic tracks and turn them into a whole new sound, I love it.
    I wanna record some guitar and vocals into my PC and add them to the equation, I can play a few chords but will have to find a vocalist as I am NOT a singer.

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    • Ago 28 2005, 13:05
    it's my web-based label featuring my recent work (2000-2005).

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    • Ago 29 2005, 18:58
    I have this industrial band called Jessika Mute.
    I've played bass for a few years now... used to play piano when I was younger but I totally forgot after I got addicted to Warcraft, bad porn feeds and Captain Tsubasa... Still trying to get my piano groove back :'( wah.

    We made this demo-like thing. It's not anywhere on the internet tho. But, if you'd like to hear, then let me now and let you listen to some tracks... and then I'll force you to buy it! hah. Nah, seriously, let me know. Sunshine

    Listen to Lady Vudu and GLVZNIFFER!
    "What if -- that which you are looking for, you already are .. that underneath the need for justification and correction, everythingelse already exists - except that whilst the one bit linear computer is looking for it, it hasn't got enough data lines to see anything else whilst it is looking .."
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    • Set 29 2005, 2:12


    I have an "Experi-metal" band called 14/7 that I front. Not Industrial, but you said anything. All we have is live and shitty quality recordings.

    Band site at

    or myspace at

  • So. Lets say that I have no musical training whatsoever, no understanding of any sort of musical theory, but want to learn, and maybe play around at making some interesting music?

    How and where do I start? How did everyone else here get started? What's the easiest program for a beginner to lay down ideas in? Are there any community websites for this sort of thing?

    Cue a "listen to some better music" response in...


  • ive been recording stuff for the past 6 years

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    • Ott 21 2005, 13:49
    Well, I've been making music through tracker software and an old crappy Casio keyboard since 2001.
    Most of my earlier stuff sounds really really bad. But, I think I'm getting better actually. :)

    The music is kind of Martial Music (Der Blutharsch, Von Thronstahl, Turbund Sturmwerk etc.) inspired with some doses of demoscene and motion picture soundtracks in it.
    I neither have an artist name nor any song titles at the moment. Nor do I have anything online yet.

    "How did I start?", well, a few years ago I got to know some demoscene musicians and they inspired me to try the old program "Fast Tracker II" out ... and I used it for a few years. Nowadays I mostly use ModPlug Tracker, and do the mixing in Audacity (both great freeware open source programs).

    Perhaps not the easiest kind of programs for beginners, but I like them.

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