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    • Nov 15 2006, 3:29

    the loneliest topic

    in spirit of "i always wanted to be" it's no lie that margot was my (anti)hero for a number of years. I used to soak in the tub smoking and watching television the way she would as a young teen choking on the cancer, and humming "these days".

    I guess she still is.

    Fave tenenbaum (and co.)?

    • Teataine ha detto...
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    • Nov 26 2006, 0:43
    It would have to be Ritchie. I'd never cut my wrists tho. :)
    And Royal himself of course. Because he gets it all right in the end.

    Be seeing you!
    • pol_noir ha detto...
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    • Dic 17 2006, 19:04
    Richie of course.

    I had my Margot. She's the daughter of my father's wife. We came out of the closet in 2001. Everyone was shocked but we survived. We lived together until a few months ago. We planned to go to a costume party dressed-up like Richie & Margot. We never did.

    This is a great idea for a group. I'll spread the word between the rest of my last.fm friends.

    All Best from Argentina,


  • I am mostly a guy version of Margot, although I have my Richie moments as well as my Royal side. I don't think I'm an asshole...I'm just kind of a son of a bitch.

  • Chas...

    Me too, I had my Margot time...:P
    But in me there is a little(girl version) Chas who loves his daddy Royal...

    PS.: my idol is Dudley!

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    • Apr 27 2007, 2:50
    I think I'm probably closest to Margot, so I obviously like Richie the most!
    I smoke too much, I struggle to finish writings, and I always fall into relationships with people i don't particularly like.

    I'm not in love with my (adoptive) brother, though.

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    • Apr 27 2007, 3:46
    I'm Dudley. I hear everything.

    I hate you.
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    • Apr 28 2007, 22:49
    But can you tell the time?

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  • Most of the time I can relate to Royal. It seems like alienation is part of the human condition, although my reaction to it is the opposite of his. By the end of the movie Royal was one of the best-developed characters.

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    • Giu 11 2007, 23:55
    royal is amazingly made character. they r unseparable with pagoda :))

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    • Set 6 2007, 8:36
    margot for sure!

    • chabo21 ha detto...
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    • Set 9 2007, 17:30
    Definitely Margot, she makes disenchantment so attractive. Chas and Richie are tied for a close second though.

    • BernaO ha detto...
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    • Nov 13 2007, 1:52
    For me is Ritchie of course (but Eli sometimes is so adorable). I love this movie, my father was a Royal type, muy mother: Etheline and my little brother: Chas. Sometimes I'm Chas too and Margot...

    "Cuando todos se vayan a otros planetas"... (Jorge Teillier).
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    • Nov 24 2007, 19:25
    I am Ritchie, I´m so like him. And we both are in love with someone we know we can never have...

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    • Mar 2 2008, 7:47
    Margot... she is totally dry and her oftentimes... blunt way of saying things is hilarious. She's really a fascinating character in all of her mysteriousness...

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    • Mar 17 2008, 1:02
    margot is my fav. but i can totally see myself being a lot like royal when i'm older. i'm sure i'll make a crappy parent.

  • i'm equal parts margot and royal. a disenfranchised asshole, it's lovely.

  • Ritchie, because he's the most emotional of them.

    "Certas canções que ouço / Cabem tão dentro de mim / Que perguntar carece / Como não fui eu que fiz?"
    Milton Nascimento
  • probably margot, but i do love chas. i'm not a massive ben stiller fan, but he is really great (and funny) as chas. i don't know, i love ritchie too, and also eli. i guess i'm torn between all the characters. the film is so good.

  • definitely ritchie.

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    • Ago 7 2009, 6:03
    Margot's awesome, so is "These Days" and Nico. But despite her awesomeness I think I like Ritchie more. I think I'm just saying that because he had that scene with "Needle in the Hay". Plus, his sunglasses are freakin' awesome.

  • I tend to have margot's introverted qualities, but i am very emotional, like ritchie.

    i am a combination of them both, i think.

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