Lecrae - Rebell + Carlito P. - Firestarter

  • Lecrae - Rebell + Carlito P. - Firestarter

    Lecrae's much anticipated album, Rebel, is out now and available at most major music stores. As usual, Lecrae brings the heat with bangas like "Don't Waste Your Life" (featuring Cam and Dwayne), "Live Free" (featuring Sho Baraka and Jai), "Got Paper," and more. But on top of that, every song has a great message, themed around being a Rebel for Christ, that any Christian should be able to benefit from.

    Now if that's not enough, there's also an exciting new album that came out today from an artist you most likely never heard of. His name is Carlito P. and the album's called Firestarter. I'd recommend this album to anyone excited about Lecrae's, it definitely compares nicely. You can check out the samples and buy it at enjoythenoise.com
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    • Ott 2 2008, 9:00

    Don't forget...

    The Ambassador's new one, "The Chop Chop: From Milk to Meat" is out as well. I haven't heard any of these as of yet but I'm planning on pickin' up at least Lecrae's new one. We'll see if I have any cash left over for the others.

  • I only got Lecrae's so far. I really liked the theme of the album, a couple of songs really got my thinking (in a good way).

    I really want Carlito P's album too, but I'm gona have to wait till I have some more money. (why yes, I did just recommend and album before even buying it myself :P I heard it via streaming it online though, just don't own it)

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    • Ott 10 2008, 6:29
    Oh man! I have listened to Lecrae's "Rebel" three times so far and I love it! It's better than his first two.

  • I've listened to it quite a few times as well, the lyrics are what I really love about it.

  • "Rebel" is amazing a straight classic. A tip by a friend make me hear it so it´s the first Album I´ve ever heard which is contributed to Christ.

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