> choose one song
    > halloween themed (either spooky as shit or something that feels like autumn, use your own judgement)
    > introduce yourself and the song and tell us stuff (record this part)
    > send it to me, either via last.fm message or facebook. Don't tweet it to me because I'm popular as fuck and shit gets lost. Include; a) the track b) your introduction of the song c) nudes. Make sure the track is uploaded to MEDIAFIRE. I'm not here for wait times.
    > THANK YUU!

    We should release it on sunday october the 24th since it's halloween week.
    The due date for this is October 18. I don't know what will be happening with me in that week maybe I will be swept off my feet by a handsome cat IDK so there's all that space alotted for my slacking off and trying to figure out what I'm doing.

    okay cool; any questions??
    also we need someone to do artwork, volunteer if you're up for it.


  • I'm actually expecting this fellow;

  • wow. that is one handsome cat. i give in

  • Oh hot damn

    Also, I'll do the graphic! THANKS FOR DOING THIS XOXO.

  • oh. wish i'd had read that before i spent hours in photoshop =7. i guess we could use this as a backup if your graphic gets deleted by "accident"

  • What, your MS Paint drawings aren't even on MS Paint?!

    Anyway, you win. I cannot compete with this graphic. Besides, I already made artwork for my own Halloween mix. I guess that's good enough. But srsly, good work, bro.

  • oh but NO! mine just looks like a meatball with big ears. we have to use something else

  • sorry, ive been busy with the kids (cacti). plus, finals-week. also, insert more excuses

  • SO. I STILL DID IT. IN THE MIDDLE OF MIDTERMS. But whoa, you're already taking finals? When did you start school? =|


  • totally, it felt like 4 weeks of school, then finals. i totally nailed them all tho. you should be proud of me. even drew cats all over last problems (like a baws)

  • Are you like done with school now?! I mean, did you get your Bachelor's (or whatevs the equiv is in Sweden)? Congrats?!?! If not, still congrats?!? They should totes give you extra points for your doodles.

  • hahah oh noies. i still have 3 years left. i'll be bald when i graduate =&

  • Well, if you look anything like that skinhead in Hannah Med H...

    Anyway, Salma put up the podcast yesterday and I guess she forgot to post about it here so...: http://coldesire3.livejournal.com/9012.html. I'm so disappointed in all the HTE boys (minus Ben)

    I doubt anyone actually checks this thread...

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