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This group is dedicated to guitar begginers, its goal is to provide advises, lessons... Gfd's was created to help both acoustic and electric players, and guide them until they become decent musicians.

A place you'll fit in whatever you listen to. We're open to all guitar players, folk, pop-rock, rock, hard rock, metal...
Learning guitar basics shouldn't be that hard. Follow this group advices and practice half an hour on a daily basis.(or more if you want to)
You'll eventually improve and the group's lessons will evolve matching your level.
Of course your first few weeks/months playing are not gonna sound very good ! This has absolutely nothing to do with your potential. Even the best guitar players went through the "I suck" phase, keep that in mind...Don't give up ! Pratice makes it perfect should be your leitmotiv !
Let's join the group, share tips, help each other and find easy songs to play...

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In case you don't own a guitar yet, we have a whole " Buying guide" right below

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