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Data creazione: 22 Giu 2006
From The DC Area Go-Go's Funk Influenced sound developed in the 70's by artists such as chuck brown.

GeT Educated: wikipedia: GO-GO

Go-Go! the funk ass vibe and lifestyle.
Keeping it real in the city
Fusing multi-genres by using congas/cowbell/funk-based percussion parts, driven by heavy-footed drumming and punctuated by crowd call-and-response

Chuck Brown, 3rd Dimension, Fuq Pimpin Slavin is Back, MVP, Rare Essence, VFORCE2K, and Trouble Funk to name a few.

Go-go INFO CENTRAL. Shows, Music Downloads, etc...
Click here for a wealth of information. Blogs w/ free DL and youtube videos hardcore go-go stylie

Go-Go Radio Online Free Stream.
windows media player/itunes (probably the easiest way to get introduced.
Register for free dl's
DMV Go-go Blogspot
Free downloads ZIP then unZIP and Listen!

check out some bands, you might find something new and interesting...

247 taggers

we got 30 more people in 6 months or something like that!

*NEW* A new TAG created by me:
Indie Go-go check it out Any aspect of go-go is played as with their timbales, long dramatic bass slides, distinct percussive hits, cowbell, call & response, etc..and so on...


It Don't Mean a Thing("if you dont got the go-go swing" classic cover. very funky. pure go-go)

MVP- Feelin' Free!!!(amazing chill funk rnb w/ minimal jazz and amazing guitar solo)

mvp- Fat albert 2.0 funky fun

Fuq Pimpin Slavin is Back(MYSPACE)- Hardcore HIP-HOP GO-GO

1 Thing(dance hip-hop rnb pop fused w/ go-go)
Seed Is...( Chameleon features funk jazz jam w/ straight go-go)

DJ Flexx- I cant make it(implementing hip-hop)

Pump Me Up(funk go-go rap: SOUNDS TIGHT SLOWED DOWN.Sick jam out cowbells,bongos, and drums bump'n)

Junk_Yard_Band_-_Beef_Jerky_Ti (groove funk earthy swayzie)
Perfection band - g's up (Deep Instrumental Hard Go-Go)

Northeast groovers- Off Da Muscle (hedbangin funk)

Junk Yard Band- The Word (dirty Deep ghetto Funk)

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