Music Promotion

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    • Mag 27 2009, 17:24

    Music Promotion

    Put here news about your music or free music that you think deserve a listen.

    This thread is open to all the artist that have free music on not only for the members ;-)

    Renato Ventura Music Fan Club - Free For Free
    Play all my music just in one Click.
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    • Mag 27 2009, 22:04

    Gert Breitenkamp, acoustic, melodic/progressive rock. Free downloads

    All five tracks from the EP- Afterglow, are now for FREE downloads.
    Genre: acoustic, melodic/progressive rock.

    Multi instrumentalist/songwriter/producer

  • Raptor System

    Raptor System

    Free listen and Download

    Miloslav/ The pixel door
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    • Lug 16 2009, 0:48

    Instrumental rock

    Hello group, i have a new track up and available for your listening Overcast. Have a listen if you like instrumental rock music. Cheers, Michael Zgliniecki.

    Have a listen to some music i've made:
  • Soft music

    Miloslav/ The pixel door
  • Electro metall free listen and download

    Miloslav/ The pixel door
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    • Mar 30 2010, 20:43
    experimental ambient / electronica Exit To Exist

    drone-ambient insumthinmagma

  • hello !
    Here is the last Aniline's free EP :
    Brunswick EP

    6 tracks includes remix of Mrs Jynx, Life In A Box and Phasen !

    distributed by Unnamed Label Records

    ----> Download link

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    • Ago 24 2010, 11:58

  • Downtempo , Trip-hop, Breakbeat - The X-Structure

    Doxology by The X-Structure, out now, download all the tracks for free.

    All of The X-Structure's albums are available to download for free from their website,

    The elusive mood seeker of The X-Structure and solo adventurer called sir nightowl.
  • Nac/Hut Report

    download the album "9th Overflowing...Milky Slaughterhouse...Dream of incubator"

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