For those who don't sleep enough due to staying up late at night for no apparent…

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It's 5am, I am still up. I have no good reason to be up. I have to wake up at 8:30 in the morning.

Despite knowing I'm going to be tired as hell the next day I just can't bring myself to go to sleep like everyone else. Not really an insomniac , I just have some mental block when it comes to going to bed.

Who needs 8 hours of sleep anyway? If you live to be 90, that's 30 years of your life spent unconscious, right? Ignore the growing evidence supporting the notion that sleep is good for you. You can spend the time better. Besides, you're too busy in the day, you can only relax at night. If you've ever rationalised your needless lack of sleep this way, you belong in this group, so you can help explain why you're reading this at 3:22am

(And please, write interesting journals. If you don't, and I read said journal, then I will make fun of you. Publicly.)

This is what ye all collectively listen to. Nod in agreement or cringe in shame, t'is your call:

And just for kicks, this is how your leader compares to his own group:
His musical preference is 88.55% similar to the For those who don't sleep enough due to staying up late at night for no apparent reason group. Musically, he fits in!

How well do you fit in?

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