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If you listen to NSBM, RawBM, TrueBM, Pagan BM, Death/Black, Brutal Death, Melodic Death, Old School Death Metal, Grindcore, Porn Grind, Gore Grind, Doom metal, Funeral Doom, Sludge or other......

Extreme Music for Extreme people - Group for Extreme Metal fans.

Whimps and posers, all emo, Screamo, Neo crap, don't even try to join.

If your apply is rejected, do NOT give it a second try.

When applying, try to have the decency to have AT LEAST two or three Extreme Metal bands in your top charts. And no Emo crap please, you're losing your time and mine.

No Politics here. No religion. Intelligence is highly wished.

NB: Thrash metal DOES count as an Extreme metal subgenre.

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