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    • Apr 26 2007, 18:48

    Live Show

    What are Devotchka like live? I’ve never seen them perform before and my g/f just got me tickets to their show at the Disney Concert Hall in late May as a birthday present

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    • Mag 11 2007, 22:59
    they are amazing! i saw them warm up for the dresden dolls last year and with one song the whole audience just went silent, they were that powerful.

    and then for the more upbeat songs they had everyone dancing around to the sound of a banana shaped maraca.


  • I just saw them last night in Manchester and they truly were amazing. Upbeat, fun and sounded fantastic. By the end they had most of the people dancing, stomping their feet or clapping.

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    • Ago 23 2007, 19:40
    They're fantastic live, I saw them last year with the Dresden Dolls and everyone was singing and clapping and dancing away... and they have the lovely Jeannie Schroder playing the Sousaphone that's covered in fairy lights...

    It was particularly nice when Nick Utra started playing the Therimone while a smoke machine made some rather spooky smoke around the place...

    I can't wait to see them tomorrow, it's going to be utterly, utterly amazing.

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