Deer Tick

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Leader: spidermonkey108
Criteri di appartenenza: Aperto
Data creazione: 18 Gen 2009
Group for those who enjoy Deer Tick's music

''Perhaps we are one of the most misunderstood bands, at least by the press. Maybe it's because the four of us come from very diverse, yet distinguished, upbringings. We're really not hipsters. Seriously, no two-tone haircuts in this group. Sure, Chris wears tight pants sometimes, but that's just his style; he's been doin' that for years.

The band was named Deer Tick before any of us knew who Deerhoof or Deerhunter was. The deer tick is a parasitic arachnid that is notorious about New England and the Mid-West. Our bass player Chris has Lyme Disease (which gets its name from Old Lyme, a Connecticut town). We write songs about what we have experienced or seen. ''
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