Favorite Session

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    • Feb 21 2007, 4:57

    Favorite Session

    Seeing as there wasn't any threads on here I thought I might start one.

    Anyways, I was wondering who was everyones favorite bands or sessions that Daytrotter has posted?

    My money is on Frog Eyes but that's just me.

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    • Feb 21 2007, 7:26
    I liked the Casey Dienel and Sunset Rubdown.

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    • Mar 2 2007, 8:46
    Frog Eyes and Sunset Rubdown were the sessions that really grabbed me at first. Recently the Tokyo Police Club and The Velvet Teen sessions have been excellent.

    We should do this for tracks too...

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    • Mar 5 2007, 7:58
    I've yet to hear the Tokyo Police Club songs yet, but I imagine they're quite good.

    Sunset Rubdown is the band that made me really get into Daytrotter, though. I think they actually added my MySpace and then found it from there.

    I agree with doing this for tracks.

  • Daytrotter rekindled my love for the French Kicks. I had totally forgotten about them until I came across their brilliant session on Daytrotter. The songs by Page France, The Changes, and Casper & the Cookies are probably my other favorites.

  • My favorite is William Elliott Whitmore, a friend discovered Daytrotter through his session. I also like the session with Conner.

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    • Mar 11 2007, 1:40
    i really liked the seedling by bonnie prince billy, kind of gave me chills.

  • the sunset rubdown session was by far my favorite. it's just amazing how krug can totally lead such a manic performance and each member of the band be on the exact same page.

  • yeah the sunset rubdown one is pretty special, but for me, my all time favourite is the Peter and the Wolf session, the one with the alternate versions of Lightness, and, The Fall. Which would both be in my top 5 songs of all time.

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    • Nov 7 2008, 7:27
    peter and the wolf was great, so too was Lewis & Clarke

  • So far, my favorites are Beatbeat Whisper, Cold War Kids, and the Blitzen Trapper sessions.

  • Andy Hull hands down.

  • Favorites

    It would be a split between Of Montreal and Owen.
    I listen to their sessions far more than any other.
    Voxtrot is my favorite band that has appeared, but i prefer their album, i suppose.
    I'll give Kevin Devine some credit because I love "It's Only Your Life."

  • I really appreciated and enjoyed "Headlights" Because they changed the style of all of there songs on the go and it was amazing.

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  • Gotta be the Wire session in Nov. '08, that's what led me to the site in the first place, amazing that they got them, very impressive, Daytrotter! Also Fishboy from Jan '09, good nerd rock.

  • an iowa band called The Poison Control Center you gotta listen to the Magic Circle Symphony song.

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  • Mine is Dirty Projectors. brilliant!

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    • Giu 19 2009, 2:26

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    • Giu 19 2009, 10:36
    I am being really fancy for a session get by Merz.

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    • Nov 8 2009, 19:21
    Joe Pug, Fleet Foxes and Heartless Bastards are some!

  • Owen, Islands and the Harry and the Potters sessions for me.

  • Damien Jurado - especially the long slow version of Ohio.

  • I think the Pillars and Tongues session is incredible. Other top faves would be the sesions by My Brightest Diamond, Sleepy Sun, Alberta Cross and Tiny Vipers.

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    • Feb 25 2010, 14:51
    Blind Pilottttttttttttttttt ♫♥ =)

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    • Mag 7 2010, 23:01
    tallest man on earth!!

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