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Data creazione: 12 Apr 2010
We deserve more than 30 second previews and impersonal, randomized, low-bandwidth radio.

As of 17 Nov. 2010, Playlists, Loved Tracks and Personal Tag Radios are no longer streamable.

This group was started to protest the loss of on-demand, full-track previews, but it now stands for everything that has taken away in the last three years. Since the CBS takeover, has slowly become a shadow of its former self and is now worth nothing.

You do NOT have to settle for randomized, low-bandwidth radio as your only choice for music.

If you use the Google Chrome browser, install the Free Music Player. This player will allow you to listen to single tracks, albums, playlists and loved tracks. It does NOT work for libraries or artist radio.

There are other music sites out there, such as,, 8tracks, rdio, MOG, we7, Free Music Archive, Pandora, Spotify, Hypem, Gogoyoko, Grooveshark, Bandcamp, iLike, Soundcloud.

Other groups of interest: Underground Full Tracks, A better deal for Subscribers, Subscribers who will not renew without full track streaming, Play Direct From, The Matchedd, Tag Rescue Project, Does It Scrobble, We Want Playlist+Loved Tracks Radio Stations

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