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Data creazione: 22 Giu 2010
We ♥ Billy.


Billy appears to be a male ventriloquist's dummy,
as its jaw is movable in order to give the suggestion
that it is talking; however, it is not used in the same
manner, as the entire doll is frequently seen moving
on its own. Its face is white, with a protruding brow
and cheeks that have red spirals painted on them.
His red lips form a grin. His eyes are black with red irises,
and his head is topped with black, messy hair.

Billy is always depicted wearing a black tuxedo,
with a white undershirt and gloves, red bow tie,
and red handkerchief in the breast pocket.
He also has red Mary-Janes for shoes. In the short film,
he is seen wearing a green bowler hat. He is often
riding an old-fashioned red tricycle. The only sound
originating directly from him is a generic electronic
cackle much like one would find in a Halloween-type toy.

It was revealed in Saw IV that Billy's design was
taken from a smaller, slightly different version that
John had shown to his then-wife, Jill.

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