favourite song?

  • favourite song?

    currently African Queen
    (appeared on both The Great Pablo and Skanking with Pablo, couldn't find it as part of any of his non-compilation releases though)
    i like the song because the melody is perfectly suited to the whimsicality and childishness of the melodica and yet (i'm not really into the jargon, so i can't really put my finger on what exactly i'm talking about, but i hope you see what i mean) there is something in the sound or the production, some tightness and deliberateness that could only be the product of a mature and conscious mind putting itself to good use

  • Fiat 125

    I've recently seen an exhibition on folk instruments from around the world, and it struck me: Pablo is unique and unimitable because he handles the melodica as it were a traditional instrument of some West African community. It was quite a revelation, give it a thought the next time you listen to his musings on the little flute. Or tell me off for being a moron, whichever is more appropriate.

    • Z77z ha detto...
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    • Nov 13 2008, 21:16
    • KINGINGA ha detto...
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    • Feb 24 2009, 2:03
    East of the River Nile! The version on his Gold album is great too!

  • there´s a lot of good songs, but i have to said at this moment i am alright is so nice(vocals by dillinger?)

  • I'm sure that's not Dillinger:), I have no clue who it might be...
    But the song's really good, it's been a long time I listened to it.
    My Pablo favourite is Thriller. Many past favourites, but this seems to be lasting.

    • iyers ha detto...
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    • Ott 9 2009, 10:03
    Cassava Piece is probably my all time fave....then Up Wareika Hill.

    • petic ha detto...
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    • Ott 9 2009, 17:00
    iyers said:
    Cassava Piece is probably my all time fave....then Up Wareika Hill.

    - have to agree with Up Warika Hill (not sure about the spelling: Warrika, Warricka...) :-)

  • love pablo

    Drum song n Eastern promise so wicked :))

    ~~~ irie ites ~~~
    • Nixfi ha detto...
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    • Dic 27 2009, 11:31
    Java Original!. Can you dig it?

    • blueyz ha detto...
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    • Feb 23 2010, 3:26

    favourite song?

    just about..one thousand swords...

  • King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
    ...it's probably Carlton Barrett's wickedest drum pattern on this track!

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