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This is the second edition, for the 'Artists who are users'-group that reached the limit of 200 artist-connections. So here is the follow-up group,
related to usetrs/artists. users (both artists and label owners) who want to learn,
how to promote their projects at
Or maybe just want to share experiences, or your music.

Please tag as 'Artists who are Lastfm users' (without the 2)
And, p.l.e.a.s.e introduce yourself in the forums !!

This is the second edition, of the 'Artists who are users'-group,
that reached the limit of 200 artist-connections.

... special features: ... the REVIEW STAGE ..
..listen to our ARTIST RADIO ..


Other gentle places @,
where you can meet artists and listeners are ...


Central Point: where artists and listeners meet

The Music Maker Society

Pixies Palace

Chez Musinum

Electronica Makers

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