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Ville haterz and anti-poseurs everywhere, you know where you belong.



1. some halfassed diatribe about the purity of metal

2. some halfassed diatribe about artistic integrity and commercialism

3. some halfassed misanthropy toward the legions of fags supporting the "band"

4. some halfassed diatribe about the shoddiness of the music (preferably in comparison to incomparable artists)

5. ville stole my girlfriend


6. add your own, we're pretty sure it's also interesting

Join Criteria:
trve metal in OVERALL CHARTS only. no poser-metal like HIM. ever. or nu-metal. that should go without saying.
upon joining make sure to ... "dispose"... of the fans in the proper shoutbox by posting at least once. moar fans "disposed" = moar e-penis points for you. that is all.

remember, "love metal" is not a genre. because genres are binding absolutes. being manmade constructions as such, yet never prone to human error.

not at all.

really now. you wouldn't want to be seen in the company of yokels like this, would ya?

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