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Leader: HectorOmarRoman
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Data creazione: 14 Ott 2011

Check out my melody.
Alexandria Marjorie Smith, better known by her stage name Alyxx Dione, is an American R&B singer-songwriter, born in Buffalo, New York on January 10, 1990. Years later, Alyxx, her brother and mother, moved to Atlanta, Georgia after the divorce of her parents. Alyxx as well as her brother both were devastated and dealt with the pain through their musical gifts. Alyxx began to started wowing family members at a young age as she used her angelic voice to sing the lyrics to the songs she seemed to write with such ease.

Once Alyxx graduated from High School, she moved to Los Angeles to live with her Father who was connected in the music, fashion, and entertainment industry as a hairstylist. She began to meet a lot of top music producers, songwriters, artist, and executives. She was faced with a lot of obstacles mainly surrounding her massive amount of shyness. Over the years she has managed to step out her shell.

Her first experience in the studio was when she met Picaso who was affiliated with Bryan-Michael Cox/ Blackbaby Inc, through Nikki Strong. At the time they gave her some material to write to, and Alyxx recorded her first studio songs at Westlake Studios in Beverly Hills, California. Alyxx was in complete awe at the fact that she was recording in the same studio Michael Jackson's hit song, "Thriller" was recorded, and the same room as Rihanna's "Umbrella".

Alyxx continued to work on her craft, and ended up in multiple girl singing groups. In these groups she was able to record in top studios, work with super vocal coach, Jan Smith, perform for Mike Caren, VP of Atlantic Records, Monte Lipman, President of Universal Republic, as well as Babyface and others. Although none of the groups worked out, they ultimately pushed her to grow more into her own own artist.

Alyxx, currently based in Los Angeles, is set out on making a name for herself in the entertainment industry not just as a singer, but an artist, actress, and creator. She writes, records, and mixes a lot of her own music, does photography, as well as directs her own videos. This young lady is destined for greatness, was born to entertain, and she will not stop until she reaches her ultimate goal.
Current Location
Los Angeles
Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Babyface, Lauryn Hill, Faith Evans, Toni Braxton, many more.

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