• Bon Iver

    Just discovered this guy this week, and have been blown away by his debut. The lyrics and the harmonies are really something special. Anyone else in to him?

    • radishh ha detto...
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    • Lug 25 2008, 2:51
    My #1 artist :D

    • svolou10 ha detto...
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    • Ott 13 2008, 14:37
    he is great..!! i also discovered him recently (1-2 months ago) and i'm amazed..i have listened to his album 5-6 times..never gets boring always loving another song from those 9.... =)

    svolou 10
    • kms15 ha detto...
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    • Nov 8 2008, 19:35
    I saw him when he opened for Wilco in NC a few months ago. I've been addicted every since. He's fantastic.

    I do it for the joy it brings... because I'm a joyful girl.
    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Nov 18 2008, 17:44
    he is amazing...anybody who likes bon iver should have a listen to fleet foxes :D

  • Great stuff, top albums of 2008

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  • His music is breath-taking, for sure. The song 'Rosyln' he did with St. Vincent was gorgeous. Of course Twilight had to use it and slightly ruin it for me. Still love both artists though.

    Be who you fucking are, and say what you god damn feel.
  • I love everything about Justin Vernon! Only got into bon iver a few months ago, but I've recently discovered volcano choir who are just as wonderful.
    absolutely love the song 'roslyn.' my top song at the moment :)

    ...and then they buried her alive, one evening 1945!
  • its one of my favorite group. his music is like fleet foxes

  • unbelievable like Swords and Horns, devendra banhart

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  • i could listen to the for emma album everyday~

  • Bon Iver is amazing! Has anyone heard their newest album? I just downloaded & am loving it. ♥

  • Just looked in to my old posts and came across this I posted in 2008! Good to see he's still doing well

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