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Leader: Ali-eN
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Data creazione: 29 Lug 2006
Brutal Death, Death, GoreGrind and Black Metal!

Denver McCarthy Decrepit Birth Haemorrhage Viral Load Makai Brutal Murder Sickening Herbert Von Karajan (ADAGIO Karajan) XL Garcia Infant Bile Robert Hood Rigor Mortis Devourment Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition Gorelord Human Mastication Athrenody Ben Sims Kataplexia Leukorrhea Internal Suffering Severe Torture Copremesis Fleshbomb Lord Gore Enmity Mario Ranieri and Frank Kvitta Limb from Limb Misery Index Jamie Bissmire Chester Beatty S.M.E.S. Viper XXL Panacea Inveracity Despondency Nomad Andrew Mclauhlan Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay Defeated Sanity Mortem Mucupurulent Condemned Proteus Gonorrhea Pussy Medecophobic Disgorge Carnal Diafragma Cenotaph Splattered Entrails Immolation Poppy Seed Grinder Richard Wagner Atrocious Abnormality Serial Butcher INFECTED GUTS Cliteater Putrefying Cadaverment Guttural Secrete Dom & Roland Profanation Abandoned Grave DJ Godfather Chainsaw Dissection Cephalectomy Anal Blast Rompeprop Heinrich at Hart Bloodsoaked Ulcerate Ass to Mouth Necrotic Flesh Inigo Kennedy Holocausto Canibal Zeta Reticula Namek Leo Korchin Origin Warface Current Value Cock and Ball Torture Adam Beyer Libido Airbag Gerbophilia Amputated Genitals Carnavage Gored Infantiphagia Gaetano Parisio Haemophagia Demilich Yogth Sothoth Wormed Incantation Beautiful Cafillery Leftfield Yo-Yo Ma Regurgitate Fallen Angels Houwitser Ingurgitate Ehab Saif Eviscerated Clitoridus Invaginatus Infinited Hate clitogusano espermatide Guttural Engorgement Alpha Omega Gutted with Broken Glass Abysmal Torment Anal Cunt Smersh Lykathea Aflame Martyrium Christi Katalepsy Without Remorse Torsofuck Gut Ahumado Granujo Ballgag Vomit the Hate Nunwhore Commando 666 Nephast Suffocation G.O.R.E. Technasia Being Killed Gorillaz Disorder Sadistic Mutilation Skinless MP5K Vitam et Mortem Cumbeast Krisiun Nile Whoretuary Vital Remains Negligent Collateral Collapse Veil of Maya Liturgy Insidious Decrepancy Abominable Putridity Cannabis Corpse Ben Long Sanatorium Aversion to Life Pascal Chronos ACxDC Forensick Emeth Cativo Deeds of Flesh Pustulated Wadaiko Matsuriza Centre Field Cryptopsy Disembowled Corpse Structure of Lies Gorefuck Tyhpoid Destructive Explosion of Ana.. Hypocrisy Vulvectomy Malodorous Anal Nosorog Cankered Corpse Decomposing Serenity Flesh Deformation Vomit Remnants Eternal Grave Ultra vomit Human Rejection UMEK 518 & Lela & Orion Merlin Meathook Mortician Captain Cleanoff Jack de Marseille Golovanov Disavowed Foetopsy Impaled Anal Orgasm Putridity Opitz regorge Creamface Hipermenorrea Disgorge - Chronic Corpora Inf Aquasky The Advent Blaze Inside Lapidate Cephalotripsy Viatrophy Spawn of Possession Orion &James Cole & 518 Moonfog Brutal Truth Bogrit Marco Carola & Adam Beyer Monophace Saprogenic Mr G Infected Malignity Pus Vomit Brujeria Prostitute Disfigurement Robert Natus @ K2, NGoHT Dies Irae C.a.c.a. Aborted Mocean Worker Down FromThe Wound Robert Natus Pus Ben Long & Jamie Bissmire (Space DJz) xx-313 Vomitory Napalm Death Rectal Smegma Richard Harvey vomit erection The Day Everything Became Noth The Day Everything Became Nothing Human Filleted Sperma Cephalic Carnage Visceral Bleeding Putrid Pile Pathology Basket of Death Rayan Zeidan Lord Gore (CrazyShark) Lance Samuel ANAL ORGASM & C.A.C.A. & SPERMA Brutus Subvoice presents DJ Zank Mucopus Jesus Corpus Rubufaso Mukufo Disgorge (Mex) Contrastic Oliver Ho Dave Clarke Vile Jig-Ai Human Excoriation Cephalic Impurity Brutality Drowning In Phemaldehyde Mutilated Lymphatic Phlegm Degrade Flesh Disgorged

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