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updatting i-pod

  • updatting i-pod

    I have recently set up an account but am having problems updating the played tracks from my Pod. I have enabled iPod submissions in the preferences. However, if I play a track from the Pod through iTunes it updates OK. Any suggestions?!!!!

  • the plugin isnt designed to add tracks to your profile that you play on you ipod just the ones you play on your PC. To add songs ive listened to on my iPod i use a program called AudioPod. You can get it here and its free.

  • No, the Mac version does let you submit iPod tracks.

    Is your iPod in disk mode? If so you have to manually select "Update iPod" from the plugin menu. This is only if you have a Mac, though. See

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  • Muchos Grassy Ass

    Thanks Guys, ended up creating a "recently played" on the Pod's samrt play lists and it's now updating from the Pod when I plug the joker in. Nice one

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