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Restricted P2P?

  • Restricted P2P?

    I find it rather dumb to be moving backwards. The RIAA left this to long, to little supervision, and without strong or smart enough action.


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  • Same old fucking thing. It would use the same restrictions that has only been lukewarmly successful for one big technology company that just so happens to have a ubiquitous portable media player paying its bills. A lot of illegally-traded content is earwormy shit that no one wants to or should even have to pay for in the first place. This type of solution won't work in the long-term, ever. Other P2Ps (that will always exist now) won't play along, and the RIAA won't play along with them.


    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Dic 7 2004, 4:23
    Same shit, different day.

    Just sit back, and wait for the industry to evolve.

    • asklater ha detto...
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    • Dic 8 2004, 5:53
    I think that Fanning made more money off of the "illegal" Napster than he will off of this. It doesn't sound like he's got much support, especially when, as the article pointed out, you could find a way around this by mislabelling tracks...

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