• Live Report 3 jours

    Lug 26 2008, 15:25 di Zoen

    Ven. 4 jui. – Solidays

    1er jour

    C’est à l’aube (environs 10 heure du matin) que la troupe de Berruyers se retrouve sur le parking désert du Pat à Pain de Bourges. Depuis mon réveil, j’ai dans la tête le refrain obsédant de la chansons « Bonne Humeur » de la Chanson du Dimanche, qui joue le dimanche justement aux Solidays. Je parvient avec une grande facilité à l’introduire dans la tête de tous, et ça sera notre hymne durant toute la durée du festival, retour compris : « t’as pas perdu ta bonne humeur meur meur…toujours le rois des déconneurs neurs neurs… ». Au son de ces quelques paroles, c’est après une bonne demi heure d’arrachage de cheveux pour réussir à faire rentrer les affaires des 8 festivaliers dans deux voitures dont une Twingo, que nous prenons enfin la direction de Paris, « la plus belle ville du monde ».
    Après trois heures de route poussive et une bonne heure pour trouver le coin de camping gratuit que nous a indiqué HL, nous arrivons enfin à destination…
  • Solidays Festival

    Lug 24 2008, 14:10 di BakerlooTheReal

    Fr., 4. Jul. – Solidays

    So, there I was then, the lonely Dutchman who has never been to Paris before, my French sucks, but I was curious and stayed at someone's place through couchsurfing.
    I made my way with the metro to the Hippodrome and stayed in the cue in the sun for some hours. But hey, I am in Paris, nothing to worry about! Finally I was on the campus, overwhelmed by the weather and the areal, this perfect spot close to Paris and though in a green environment. Exploring the terrein, I found a band playing at it's and, Girls in Hawaii giving a relaxed concert, good to chill next to it on the grass.
    Afterwards I made my way to a more central stage where Nneka was about to play. I only read about here, giving me somewhat of an idea. But when she started I first got an idea like "what an arrogant little woman".... Though, after only one song, she convinced me... She's one of the best artists, living for her music, forcing people to listen…
  • Friday Paris Friday

    Lug 13 2008, 13:00 di Bovaz

    Fri 4 Jul – Solidays
    For many various astral conjunctions i was only able to get to the friday's concerts, so my small review is going to be very partial.
    Ok, so, me and happyblueberry started from my place in Paris took a rer, a metro, walked, and there we were in front of a huge queue to the gates. The weather was gorgeous, but i guess we can say it sucked, since having such an hot sun shine on your head as you are stuck among hundreds other people isn't my idea of fun. Along and along we went, and finally in we were.
    I had to get my first beer, then we hung around a bit, exploring to see where the stages were and who was gonna play. We didn't understand at all the latter, so we basically decided to go after the crowd and see what would happen.
    Our first try proved to be a lucky shot: Girls in Hawaii started playing. Well done random people we chose to follow just because we thought you dressed ok.
    Again we were following people around, but the crowd was thinning, so we deducd that there wasn't any major act going on. …