Hardcore Synergy @ Anime Central 2010

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Venerdì 14 Maggio 2010

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

Rosemont, Illinois, Chicago
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Hardcore Synergy is an event sponsored by mydjsobad.com based on the idea of brining people all around the world together through the universal language of music. The name speaks for itself, synergy loosely meaning “to work together” and hardcore implying how much we believe in and put into our work. Thanks to help from our partners at ANIME CENTRAL, AVSS, GUHROOVY, HAPPYHARDCORE.COM and elsewhere we are hoping to put on an event that will not only be fun for everyone involved, but inspire people to discover new genres of music and come together as fans to promote a worldwide fanbase. After the overwhelming positive response from attendees of ACen’s Soapbubble party in 2007, and our previous events in 2008 and 2009 we made it our mission to push forward and bring the same kind of experience back for 2010 on a much bigger scale.

This year at Anime Central, we will be taking over Friday night and bombarding you with explosive electronic music from performers all across the globe. While our focus does seem to stem on the Japanese scene (it is a Japanese Animation/Culture convention after all) we have featured some really talented guests from the U.K. and the U.S. along with some of our Japanese DJs spinning tracks from all over the world. We’re hoping that no only will you discover a new DJ (or two) that you’ll like, but that you’ll even hear some new music that you can get into. Everyone that has a hand in organizing this event is passionate about the music and we’re hoping it shows through the performances and our setup.
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