Con FM Belfast e Still Flyin'

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Lunedì 4 Giugno 2012


Revaler Straße 99
10245 Berlin, Berlino
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Tel: +49-(0)30-69566840

FM Belfast (einzige Headlineshow in Deutschland und 2012)
04.06.2012 | Astra Kulturhaus (Berlin)

Support : Still Flyin ( san francisco / staatsakt )
Einlass : 20.00 | Beginn : 21.00
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Preis: 20,00


An organically grown, highly addictive electro-pop outfit from Iceland, FM Belfast have been capturing the imaginations and swaying the bodies of constantly growing audiences throughout the world since they first appeared on the notoriously vibrant Icelandic music scene in 2006. Couple Árni and Lóa formed the band in late 2005, to record a Christmas present song for their friends. Soon this track started making the rounds in Reykjavík, the couple was joined by Árni Vilhjálmsson and Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason (you might know him from the very excellent múm). Now fully formed (sidenote: although a four-piece at most times, FM Belfast will sometimes count as many as forty members on stage, situation permitting), the band started performing live at every opportunity while writing and recording what was to become their début. A collaboration with Trentemøller’s Kasper Bjørke, a 12” entitled ‘Back and Spine’, garnered some early mentions in the international media, as well as countless spins on dancefloors the world round. With no official release to their name, the band’s fanbase had grown so large and loud by 2008 that the promoters of the renowned Iceland Airwaves music festival were persuaded to bump them to headliner status by popular demand. Around the time of the festival, FM Belfast finally released their long-awaited debut, ‘How To Make Friends’ to great critical and commercial acclaim (it would go on to sell tens of thousands of copies in the following years.) ‘How To Make Friends’ certainly made FM Belfast a few friends, and then some. In 2010 alone, the band appeared at over fifty music festivals all over Europe (they were the second most booked act appearing at Eurosonic 2010, following XX), sometimes appearing to crowds of over 20,000. And that’s not counting their countless club gigs and shows in that time.

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