Giovedì 24 Febbraio 2011

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Con Anthony Pateras, Valerio Tricoli e " "[sic] Tim Goldie

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Giovedì 24 Febbraio 2011

Cafe OTO

18-22 Ashwin Street
London, Londra E8 3DL
Regno Unito
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Tickets : £7 advance / £8 on the door

ROOM40 presents:

The freak genius of Australian prepared piano/modular synth whiz Anthony Pateras goes head-to-head with the Sicilian sound aktionist Valerio Tricoli on Revox for an evening of uncategorisable electronic music and improvisation.

Anthony Pateras

Piano / Modular Synth

Anthony Pateras is a composer and performer from Melbourne, Australia. Primarily an idiosyncratic pianist, he also performs on modular synthesizer.

His musical activity runs the gamut from the large-scale hyper-ambitious ensemble writing to extended prepared piano pieces and immersive noise. His longest running projects are the event-heavy, analog/digital synth duo with DSP/lazer whiz Robin Fox (Editions Mego) and the acclaimed free music trio Pateras/Baxter/Brown.

His collaborators reflect his diversity, having worked with Han Bennink, Brett Dean, Valerio Tricoli, Oren Ambarchi, MC Vulk Makedonski, Jim Denley, Paul Lovens, Christian Fennesz, Richard Tognetti, Lucas Abela, Slave Pianos, Thomas Lehn and The Necks. In 2011 he will be starting new collaborations with DJ erikM and guitarist Stephen O’Malley.

Anthony performs regularly throughout the world, and his music is released through the labels Tzadik (NYC), Editions Mego (Vienna) and Lexicon Devil (Melbourne).

Valerio Tricoli


One Italy’s more enigmatic electronic musicians - Tricoli has been investigating the complex relationship between self, sound and devices for more than a decade - Psychic processes translated in soundscapes, and vice versa. He is a member of 3/4 Hand Been Eliminated (Häpna / Die Schactel) - a super-group drawn from Italy’s improvising community that carries on the mantle handed down by This Heat, intertwining musique concrete and free improv with rock dynamics. His two solo works on Bowindo ‘[album]Metaprogramming within the eye of the storm[/album]’ and ‘[album]Did They? Did I?[/album]’ offer up two slabs of brilliantly baffling musique concrete and his nimble production work added much to the distinct soundworld of Autistic Daughters’ two records and Dean Roberts ‘[album]Be Mine Tonight[/album]’ (Kranky).


“” ” TIM GOLDIE is one of the most original noise musician/performers on the European scene. His double album “ABJECTOR” is a violent and considered examination of the fragmentation of language, the de-composition of instrumental research and the painful suffering that accompanies it. Far from any current or cultural influence, Goldie’s work places itself in a unique conceptual universe, and its cruel voice warbles a mix of agony and ecstasy. - Netmage Festival, Italy 2009

A kind of mutant cross-pollination of noise, live art, dada and UK improvisation. Unsettling and confusing. But not in the ways you might expect. In their extreme noise and ominous silence, in their mordantly sad, caustic and bizarre, maybe even pathetic actions, it’s just difficult to tell whether or not his performances are a skilled and trenchant, but dreadful parody of your own pointless aspirations for self-expression – this uneasiness, this being unsure what’s going on, is, in the end, the point. - <em>Instal Festival, Scotland 2010
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